Secure Ethereum & ERC20 Wallet and dApp Browser

Trust Wallet is a secure mobile Ethereum wallet that supports Ethereum and ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens. It provides a full security audited system to send, receive and store digital assets. With Trust Wallet, you have complete control over your private keys that are only stored on your device. Trust Browser is a full-fledged Web3 browser that allows you to interact with decentralized applications (DApp) directly from the app.

ERC20 Wallet is available for iOS and Android users, take all your savings and tokens with you to everywhere.

Open source

  • Full transparency, which means users can view the source code and how we handle data on client side. We do not store any private information, not in a vault and not in a distributed cloud server.
  • Source code:

Backup & Security

  • Users have full control of the private key. We do not store them, which means nobody else can exploit users’ private data. We will never access any of your information because we don’t even own them in the first place.
  • Keep your private key secure with bank-level security
  • Use FaceID, TouchID or conventional password to protect your investments
  • Gain peace of mind knowing all web interactions are protected by military grade encryptions
  • Provide a fully security audited system

Ease of use

  • Aim to design a simple and accessible wallet that can be used by anybody
  • Aim to provide the best possible experience for users
  • Send and request ETH
  • Store and track ERC20 tokens and ERC223 tokens
  • Check balance, transaction history, and other details


  • Access wallets across devices
  • Easy to manage wallets (create/import)

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Most importantly, they have a strong and active development community and near real-time responses in their Telegram Group.


How to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in?

You all already know that there are plenty of cryptocurrencies around there. Some came naturally and been here for years and other came in the last months around the December Hype and claiming they are different, unique and game-changing! Eventually, there are plenty of amateur coins out there but the fact is that most of them, know how to represent and market them very well and make themselves look very professional and promising. But they are nothing than big words. As an average investor, rather than the basic research there’s nothing much you can do and know what will be the smart investment for you, what coin to buy, and more importantly what will be the SMARTEST investment for maximum profits.

There are numerous factors that can constitute as matter and some that are just some distractions than the true things that matter. Your investment should be put in a safe place, a risk is always good but a risky in a good way and not whether it will work or how more like when it will work and how it will come out eventually. If you are not sure about your investment, you are already WRONG! And that’s not your fault, you are not a master and some of us do not want to be masters, just to make some smart investments and make their own profit due to the needs in the real world. We are simple people and all we want is money to actually live our life how we want, that’s not a crime.

The truth is, that we are the fishes in the sea. But it doesn’t mean we need to get hunted by the big whales who are taking bigger pieces of the cake. If you play smartly and follow the rules, you can take quite big pieces of the cake without anyone noticing and make yourself a small honest whale and being satisfied with your part. In order for that, you do not need to change your life plans and become a daily basis investor or spend numerous hours on the computer, researching and learning more than you need to know. For those such things, there are simple solutions that I believe are bringing the best for the investors, as casual investors with a lot of experience I consume help from the professional, from the true speakers who are the analyzers. Since the fact that cryptocurrency is my passion so far and taking a big part of my daily, every day. I invest most of my time listening to the analyzers who are doing the most professional researchers for us and checking corners we didn’t even know about, and so far? I’m completely satisfied.

Eventually, we can also agree that there are a lot of analyzers out there in the communities who claim to know the market well. I rather not trust a single person with personal interests for his own sake, I prefer to trust a whole big website with pure intentions to bring the most professional information all around the coin to the table. It’s your time to maximize your profits and boost it up by making sure you know what is the best for you by getting all the true matter information summed up to your one page with future expectations and safety perspective. So today I would like to share my favourite website, I like to visit so often and know I read smart things and not wasting my time. – Cryptocurrency Analysis, ultimate safety rankings aiming to boost your profits, find out what coin to buy today!
If you want to know how does it work click here.

A great opportunity to know you can visit a high-quality website with all the information you need for completely free, taking nothing and giving you a lot. Highly recommended by me and you have nothing to lose, after a short examination I believe the site will be bookmarked by you too.


My top 3 altcoin picks for 2018!

I don’t know any kind of technical analysis. I am not a day trader (after losing so much). I don’t have patience so I go for long-term (yea, there’s some sense just find it).  I may not be Warren Buffet, but I did my own research, therefore, I believe with what I choose and go with it.

** “This is not investment advice”  – just sharing my thoughts.

I will not talk too much about the coins/tokens themselves, just why I picked them and why I believe it will produce me a profit. I do not necessarily say they are the best things on market, but the things I find most profit. If you want to know more about the currency itself just read the whitepaper and take a look at the website.



Connect Everything, Share Everything, Credit-based Protocol

I find ODYSSEY (OCN) as a gem, too much behind this specific coin and the value is way too low. We are talking about only 32m market cap (4b supply) and already big exchanges such as Houbi, not even mentioned the fact it’s moving forward in the China nation where so much influence, power and population is. Partnerships with TRX and many successful advisors behind it. Too many people want to see its success and go up, I won’t be surprised it will be one of the moons this year. Already proving themselves with a lot of updates and focusing making this out with huge corporations in Asia, we are talking about millions of users who will use the token itself as a payment system on many apps. This is so much for such a little price right now.


SIRIN LABS’ vision is to become the world’s leader in secure open source consumer electronics, bridging the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy

SIRIN LABS with almost 50 team members behind it and big endorsements such as Leo Messi (huge exposure).
And 150 million funds which makes them pretty much unlimited with their vision. Having a clear vision and shared with all the users, not talking about it being open-source and full relations with the public. The second half of 2018 is going to be exciting and surprising because once they take it out they can moon it easily. Talking about potential partnerships with Huawei and using the IOTA on their system, phones and computers with the maximum security of crypto; making it ready for mass adoption which can help the whole industry and easily increase the value of the SIRIN Labs tokens which will have clear uses such as the Dapp store. Also including the fact that above 25,000 pre-orders of the mobile already.


Coinme believes money should be accessible anywhere. A venture-backed financial services company, Coinme is dedicated to helping the world gain access to virtual currency. When the world has access, everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity.


When someone asks what is wrong with cryptocurrency right now. I will clearly say the complicated way to purchase Bitcoin or any other crypto. The effort and knowledge that the average person needs just to hold money, that’s not realistic. In order to make Bitcoin or any other altcoins mass adopted by billions of people; it needs to be easy to get and pay for it. And ATM is definitely with no doubt the solution for this, UpToken with Coinme behind this bringing the ATMs with already over 40 ATMs around the USA and with a growth of over 10% every month which mean 4 ATMs at least every month, aiming to have easily above 500 ATMs around the world for anyone who seeks for Bitcoin to purchase it easily. I believe that it is a promising growth with the fundings they got and a clear vision just making more ATMs around the world (not that complicated) and with the time there will be a lot and the value of the token with its benefits can jump up really easy. Also, want to mention that big and successful entrepreneurs behind this project.







Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

Decentralized applications are bringing transparency, decentralization and security to a new whole level. Taking the technology a few steps ahead and changing the whole vision of making things better. Dapps are already here and just need to be mass adopted. Based on smart contracts making everything visible and safe for the user experience.

Unlike the centralized applications we knew so far where everything was controlled and based at one place with too much power and risky influence now we got a chance to make the world more decentralized, we have over 7 billion population and still too much power and things for the 1%; that’s just an example of what centralization causes us.

Therefore Dapps are bringing decentralization, making a whole new program divided controlled by millions of computers, giving no one an actual power to change or affect this. Make things pure dedicated and with no back doors or harms to the users, where there’s a place for trust. May not seem that realistic or something that can that be used globally but it’s all about time and the technology’s progress because things are already happening and it’s your time to adopt them.

I really believe we are a part of something really huge, our world will look way brighter and better once we make revolutions in the technology, where every second person in this world has a mobile in his pocket. Everything should be transparent and forever on the blockchain, friendly to the user, making this actual pure from evil interests.

Today, I would like to share with you one of the favourite decentralized applications based on smart contracts and the Ethereum’s blockchain. Changing the whole betting sports to a new whole level, without accounts or deposits, not even any regulations or documents to fill. Just betting on your favourite team straight from your wallet, full transparency through smart contracts and back to your wallet. So many features and solutions in one website for an old fashion industry with too many problems, it’s time for NEW, for BETTER and for the BEST!

The first functioning decentralized platform powering wagers between sports fans using blockchain technology. Through the use of smart contracts, living on the Ethereum network, your experience is free of external controls; no one can deny you entry, change the rules, or most importantly refuse to pay you your winnings if you guess big. Pick your team, pick your game, pick the outcome and collect Ether when you guess correctly!


Sincerely, Buza.


Why Bitcoin is the winning coin!

“Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part”. This sentence is proving pretty much what Bitcoin has that the other competitors don’t have. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be made along with the blockchain itself by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.  Now that’s a huge advantage, but except Bitcoin after that, there were more coins which didn’t survive then why Bitcoin did? Nowadays Bitcoin is the masterpiece that was made not only by Satoshi Nakamoto but by developers all around the world with thousands of commits and hundreds of contributors making Bitcoin what it is today. Bitcoin is a revolutionary financial system, money should be owned by the holders (decentralized), not by the government or any bank system. They can take care of our money, get paid for their services, but they can’t own the money because no own it or better to say everybody owns it.

Bitcoin in the last couple of months proved to be not so much stable and bringing what it’s promising. But money systems are not built by a few days, months or years. It takes decades to build a solid money system which has a global scalability use, nine years and Bitcoin already valued at hundreds of billion dollars but it didn’t reach even the half checkpoint and it will take at least another decade to be dominance in our economic system. Already Bitcoin foundations in so many countries and such a big use, for nine years it’s much more than excepted.  Bitcoin is the closest thing to be natural money system in our world, pretty surprising relative to a digital currency.


So. Why is it so better than the other competitors? Why so many people passionate about Bitcoin than any other currency? The answer is pretty simple. Since Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t here to represent Bitcoin’s vision that’s what makes this coin so good. Bitcoin will be whatever we will want it to be. Behind Ethereum, there’s Vitalik. Behind Litecoin, there’s Charlie. Behind Bitcoin? There’s us. No specific vision, not only one truth is correct. Everything is acceptable to Bitcoin and everything is welcomed either if we like it or not. No one is having a huge influence on this digital system that’s what makes it so decentralized, literally no statements only speculations and opinions. Meaning it will pump and dump from 20k to 8k and so on because now on it’s still not fully built yet, but with the coming years, it will become better and better and more decentralized, more hodlers, distributed around the world. Hodlers in Africa, hodlers in USA and hodlers in Russia; literally everywhere no matter if there’s a World War III or apocalypse. That’s how strong and stable the digital cash system is, having wealth that is stored safely and by you and you only.

The stats are proving the situation by itself, for the last nine years since cryptocurrency industry was created. All the altcoins including the top-ranked such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and etc. They all were influenced directly by Bitcoin itself where there is a clear dominance by the coin in the market and being as most of the ways to purchase other altcoins. Bitcoin also showed us how things can get scary and dirty when it fell from $32 to $2 and from $1,000 to $200 and more many times in the history but eventually always rising up and keep having huge influence and exposure to the world. The real revolution isn’t the price itself but the occupation of many corporations, companies and even small stores around the corner. Because the coin is used and accepted by everyone (no matter what the law says) as a currency, that’s how the revolution is made and changing the rules of the game. The power in this world belongs to the people equally, no centralized party should deprive this power of us. Bitcoin is bringing the power back to the average person and giving the power to the public, giving back their own rights.


CoinMarketCap 15th March Snapshot

Cryptocurrency is like a child, eventually no matter what will grow up and become big and bigger every year.
Although when you become big enough some things you don’t like come along either such as body hair, so yea those are the symptoms can’t be avoided. By a brief examination, I found out through the CoinMarketCap that some coins proved themselves and survived all those years and became way bigger than what they were. Although top-ranked coins just fell off and didn’t progress at all, for ex. 2014 (Peercoin, Omni, QRX and PTS). It just proves that top-ranked coins and tokens don’t mean anything, and if something is highly rated now it doesn’t mean it will survive for more than two years.

Carefully choose your investment and make sure it will last and will not anywhere down. Because the history teaches us more than anything, for example when Bitcoin reached $1,000 and fell down to $200 but now it’s almost 10k.
Ups and downs will always come but the only thing that matters is what it will be in the long term, at the end.
Because you probably say “I wish I knew Bitcoin by 2009” to purchase it so low, but honestly I can bet none of you would last till 20k because those highs and dips are taking you crazy if you are here for the profit. Most of the Bitcoin millionaires just because they were focusing the technology or they just forgot they hold so many. You need to ignore the panic, the news, no matters what. Strong HODLs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple will eventually reach the moon with their own spaceship. All you need to do is HODL no matter even if Vitalik die or any worst news you can ever imagine because those top projects do have the technology and it’s all about mass adoption till they will reach ATHs.

Now, as a proof. I want to leave a snapshot of 15th March and show you how the crypto markets. I am really optimistic and believe that they crypto market will surpass 1 trillion market cap and even 10 trillion market cap and once globalisation even 100 trillion because this is our true economy. If this decentralization is real or not eventually everyone will want to take part of this and believe they control their own money and wealth. So Illuminati is doing a great job so far, say chess.


Sincerely, Buza.



Where to invest for the long term?

The crypto market is a big mess right now. Where there are many true legends who will keep a seal in history, there are so many more fake ICOs or even high-value ICOs who promise a technology. Their vision might be huge, like changing the world, bringing something new. But it’s all about one question, where is this technology? You can’t trust people over the internet if someone says he wants to make people fly he needs to bring a practical technology.
I don’t care if the market cap is above 100m or even 1b. As long as there’s no technology yet, you shouldn’t put your investment for the long term. It’s a really high risk, more than you can imagine. Right now this market isn’t really different than the startup worlds, 95% of them fail. The problem? Through the crypto, the market is way easier to invest, so it’s really easy to get tricked because the average person takes his saving and going to the crypto market thinking he will conquer the world but he’s no different from thousands of people who lost their money. Right now, most of the market is all about “vision” and promises and the fall will not happen today or tomorrow but you will not make a profit in the long term, nothing can succeed with only a vision; you need to bring something, a product.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are 1564 cryptocurrencies right now. But how many of them are a proven technology? Let’s bring some examples. While many tokens and platforms promise a technology that will happen in 2018 or even 2019 that will be at a world level scalability. There’s Steem which is already working with many users on their website make plenty of articles every day and keep growing. I’m not an investor of Steem, I’m not a fan of them but Steem compared to so many other “startups” in the market actually bring technology. I believe that no “startup” or company is supposed to ask any kind of amount of money, especially not from the public (Big investors know what they are doing) as long as they don’t have at least a beta version which can be used by the public. Don’t let the speculative market trick you.

smart investment

Crypto investments can a great chance for you and any other person to make his own profit with smart investments.
Bringing the opportunity to invest from your home with your laptop with your money and who knows? maybe become rich. No one can guarantee you what will make your rich or grow for sure because that’s all the point of investments bringing the unknown. But I would definitely tell you from projects and ICOs that are trying to market themselves before even having an actual product that should be the first priority no matter what. Because we are all here for the new technology, the reason Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix all succeed is because they all brought a new fresh technology, startup, idea that was actually working and can be used by the public. I am not talking about the final version of the product but Beta Version at the early stages is a must in my opinion. The more, the better.

Eventually, we are living in a dirty world. And people will not mind to take off your money and use it to buy themselves a new house. There are plenty of frauds, scammers and people who just want to get money without giving anything back in return. And I will be honest with you, some of them are really smart and some of them can be at the top of the charts. Someone who is tricking you isn’t only a person who takes your money and run away, it’s also a person who speak all day and talking about his vision but no real intentions to bring the actual product, knowing he can’t make it but still going on the unknown path because it’s all about the money. Because something is in the top 100 of the CoinMarketCap, it doesn’t mean anything. I honestly can tell you that at least half of them will not be there until 2020 then do your math. We think things are obvious, but billion dollar company with no actual product and only vision and “blah blah blah” is a theft. When you worth a billion dollar, you should have much more than just a vision, a good looking website and a well-written whitepaper.


As you can see the top 7 on CoinMarketCap in 2013. Only two of them survived at the top. And it’s been less than five years. Not talking about the fact that apart from Bitcoin and Litecoin. All of them didn’t survive at the top for even the two years after. Long term is a year and in a year you can make huge profits, companies literally multiply their value and usually way more than that.  It’s worth to know you are having a long-term, promising profit but it has to depend on some technology, some product, something! No just a vision.


I wish you the best.
Sincerely, Buza.






Crypto Games – The Disneyland of the Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrency community brings with it many amazing ideas and practical useful startups. Some of them are really easy to adopt, some of them are very entertaining and can become a big part of your daily basis. So as a crypto enthusiast and I’m sure you guys too I was looking for something more exciting than just investment. Investment is really cool and pleasing but sometimes you are looking for some adrenaline in your veins, something exciting and making you really into this.  I have a long history of gambling and some of the gamblings are just boring. Boring games which are not entertaining at all and you don’t even enjoy the whole process either you win or lose. But meeting Crypto Games made my gambling hobby way more exciting and fun; high-quality gambling platforms with so many available games such as Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and etc.

Most of the time I have known as a person with very high standards. I don’t do many discounts because the quality is the most important thing. I really care about the quality of the product (in this case the website) and the people behind this. Looking after their socials media I was glad to know there are decent people who are bringing some gems to the community such as their website. With already many players playing on a daily basis and enjoying many games making you enjoy and win huge prizes, becoming the next millionaire not in nine years like Bitcoin. Right now! A few games can take you from a crypto holder to a whale. Do not underrate the power of a high-quality gambling platform. Crypto Games is definitely a unique we should have in our community with no doubt.

Crypto is bringing a lot of solutions, some of the biggest solutions are to the gambling and betting industry.
Thanks to crypto you shouldn’t worry about stealing your credit card or your identity, letting anyone from anywhere take a part of this gambling enjoyable platform and become way wealthier. That’s some of the little gifts God gave us and we don’t appreciate enough, or shall I say, Satoshi Nakamoto. So knowing I can play a decent amount of crypto on a variety of games without worrying about things like that and just enjoy my chance to become rich or even richer it’s very pleasant and appreciated. Do not disparage LUCK, sometimes it can take you straight to the moon.

So honestly we got over here a world-class crypto casino, I didn’t witness anything like that before. With plenty of games but not only a big variety of games also a huge variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Doge, ETH, NEO, Litecoin, Monero and many more! I guess the only thing is missing there is YOU! Already plenty of people enjoying the best crypto casino and making their huge profits while playing and enjoying.

If I rather gamble sometimes when I want to get a nice profit and enjoy while doing this. I will definitely with no doubt go to – The world’s best cryptocurrency casino. All the features I ever need a high-quality product and most trusted site. Bringing surprise all the time to become better every day. So I’m very glad I shared with you guys this incredible website which gives all of us across the world the chance to gamble and make some profit without worrying about the lame bureaucracy that prevents from most of us to enjoy the simple things life.

Crypto Games was launched in 2014 becoming bigger and bigger every single day, month and year.

Sincerely, Buza.


Blockchain, cryptocurrency and the natural development.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are considered to be two different things.

A blockchain, originally block chain, is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is inherently resistant to modification of the data.


A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies.

All credits are going straight to my homie aka Wikipedia.

So yea, blockchain and cryptocurrency; some people find them very common and some people find them very separated.
In the next coming years, plenty of technology will be based on the blockchain which is a wonderful and a great solution to our modern world. I find it a revolution in the technology, cryptocurrency is apart of revolution in the economy. Because after all, no one should have a control over money. Money MUST be decentralized owned by everyone and no one.

So, you are finally asking. What is the point of this article? No problems folks!
Let’s go straight to the topic. I’m going to talk about the development, not necessarily the coding development.
People saying this every year “the next year will be the cryptocurrency year!” but that’s not true. Revolutions aren’t happening by a second, a day or a year. As we all can agree the internet is improving itself from 3G to 4G and so on with the years so the blockchain and the cryptocurrency is. What I am trying to say is,
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, both of them. Will adopt the world’s behaviour with the years, it might take over twenty years and even one hundred but eventually, it will be mainstream and used every day because it’s the best solution we got right now and we can’t avoid that.

It will not happen in a year, no matters what will happen. This revolution will take at least ten years to become obvious everywhere from Africa to America. Yes, Africa. That’s all the point of cryptocurrency, decentralization.
But in one hundred years, our children will look at the past and ask themselves. How the hell people used cash and the current banking system. Exactly like we look at the past and wonder how people hundreds of years ago used chocolate as a currency? It’s true, google it.

So, yea. I kinda just spent five minutes of your time. Big apologizes!
Sincerely, buza.


5 Cryptocurrency influencers you should follow on Twitter!

Alright, so as I already talked about in my previous articles about the community. Twitter has a lot of influence on the cryptocurrency community and I think it’s a must being involved there. Eventually, you don’t have to post anything just get updated by important people that can bring you essential news and information about the cryptocurrency and all around. So my top ten influencers that I believe you should follow Twitter are:

#1: Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) (
Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin but mainly known as a huge influencing personality over the cryptocurrency community with more than 700k followers and regular tweets every day with a helpful information. Unlike other famous personalities, he is very involved and may answer your questions sometimes even if you are not so lucky.
I’m really glad I’m following him because so far I learned a lot by just simply reading his tweets and whatever resourceful information he’s sharing with his followers. So yea with no doubt I’m telling you to follow this fella!

#2: Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) (
Erik is the CEO of ShapeShift, a big part of the community with plenty of resourceful information. I really can’t explain how big this guy and helpful, he’s like my mentor without even knowing me at all. He shared so much information that fixed so many mistakes I had in my mindset, I’m really speechless and can only grant this guy.
You also may visit his blog: (highly recommended).
I think if you are seeking some information, a ton of helpful information to expand your knowledge then Erik is one of your solutions for sure. More people like him should be involved in the crypto community to raise the quality and make information way more accessible for anyone that wish that for.

#3: Changpeng Zhao (@cz_binance) (
CZ is the CEO of; I guess you all already know him because making the biggest exchange right now with the huge demand and millions of users in only 7 months which is pretty amazing. You need to be really smart and special to make such a huge thing in less than a year, that’s not obvious at all. In my previous article I shared with you his talk on a conference, I really suggest you go back and watch this. Such a successful person with a huge vision, something that should be appreciated a lot because I believe this man will take a part of the future improvement in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain specifically. People like him, make the cryptocurrency, blockchain and exchanges improve themselves every single day with their vision (enough is never enough), encourage the community and other people to put some effort into this and get things better. I’m really inspired by this person, no doubt. Without even talking about his integrity, and I’m speaking about the CEO of the biggest exchange it’s really exciting to know that a person with a lot of integrity is standing behind Binance, frauds are the last thing we need right now on exchanges. So I think his news and tweets are very powerful and should be heard out by every single person that is involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

#4: Charlie Shrem (@CharlieShrem) (
Charlie is a Bitcoin pioneer. For real, he’s the new founder of and also you may visit his website: for further information. He also was the CEO of BitInstant, he made some serious mistakes but eventually, he paid for everything and took a huge part of the Bitcoin revolution. He is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, what does that mean? He actually was in touch with Satoshi Nakamoto (through the forums of course). Anyway, nowadays I find him most interesting for his ICO advises and inspiring talks on conferences; he became a better person with a bigger goal to expand the industry and make it more recognized to the rest of the world. I also recommend you to watch “Banking on Bitcoin” on Netflix, I enjoyed every single second of this documentary.

#5: mocho17 (@cryptomocho) (
Mocho is not a big enough personality for the cryptocurrency community. He has a little bit less than 100k followers and I think he deserves much more. Honestly, I don’t know too much about this person but I do read all his tweets and enjoy what I see. This guy has a great unique vision with focusing on small unique things in the community such as master nodes (which isn’t known enough) and taking a big responsibility himself, I think he deserves his credit and a cheer. Technical Analysis person with amazing expanded knowledge that can help and teach many people.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all.
Most of them are already famous but I’m glad I made a proper list for whoever that seek for. This article isn’t going anywhere and newbies will always come and know the right people to follow. Except for those five top personalities in the community, I would like to add more some people to follow without any further information.
Follow @Excellion, @RogerKver, @WhalePanda, @IOHK_Charles, @Brian_Armstrong, @aantonop, @VitalikButerin, @ZeusZissou, @CryptoYoda1338