Where to invest for the long term?

The crypto market is a big mess right now. Where there are many true legends who will keep a seal in history, there are so many more fake ICOs or even high-value ICOs who promise a technology. Their vision might be huge, like changing the world, bringing something new. But it’s all about one question, where is this technology? You can’t trust people over the internet if someone says he wants to make people fly he needs to bring a practical technology.
I don’t care if the market cap is above 100m or even 1b. As long as there’s no technology yet, you shouldn’t put your investment for the long term. It’s a really high risk, more than you can imagine. Right now this market isn’t really different than the startup worlds, 95% of them fail. The problem? Through the crypto, the market is way easier to invest, so it’s really easy to get tricked because the average person takes his saving and going to the crypto market thinking he will conquer the world but he’s no different from thousands of people who lost their money. Right now, most of the market is all about “vision” and promises and the fall will not happen today or tomorrow but you will not make a profit in the long term, nothing can succeed with only a vision; you need to bring something, a product.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are 1564 cryptocurrencies right now. But how many of them are a proven technology? Let’s bring some examples. While many tokens and platforms promise a technology that will happen in 2018 or even 2019 that will be at a world level scalability. There’s Steem which is already working with many users on their website make plenty of articles every day and keep growing. I’m not an investor of Steem, I’m not a fan of them but Steem compared to so many other “startups” in the market actually bring technology. I believe that no “startup” or company is supposed to ask any kind of amount of money, especially not from the public (Big investors know what they are doing) as long as they don’t have at least a beta version which can be used by the public. Don’t let the speculative market trick you.

smart investment

Crypto investments can a great chance for you and any other person to make his own profit with smart investments.
Bringing the opportunity to invest from your home with your laptop with your money and who knows? maybe become rich. No one can guarantee you what will make your rich or grow for sure because that’s all the point of investments bringing the unknown. But I would definitely tell you from projects and ICOs that are trying to market themselves before even having an actual product that should be the first priority no matter what. Because we are all here for the new technology, the reason Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix all succeed is because they all brought a new fresh technology, startup, idea that was actually working and can be used by the public. I am not talking about the final version of the product but Beta Version at the early stages is a must in my opinion. The more, the better.

Eventually, we are living in a dirty world. And people will not mind to take off your money and use it to buy themselves a new house. There are plenty of frauds, scammers and people who just want to get money without giving anything back in return. And I will be honest with you, some of them are really smart and some of them can be at the top of the charts. Someone who is tricking you isn’t only a person who takes your money and run away, it’s also a person who speak all day and talking about his vision but no real intentions to bring the actual product, knowing he can’t make it but still going on the unknown path because it’s all about the money. Because something is in the top 100 of the CoinMarketCap, it doesn’t mean anything. I honestly can tell you that at least half of them will not be there until 2020 then do your math. We think things are obvious, but billion dollar company with no actual product and only vision and “blah blah blah” is a theft. When you worth a billion dollar, you should have much more than just a vision, a good looking website and a well-written whitepaper.


As you can see the top 7 on CoinMarketCap in 2013. Only two of them survived at the top. And it’s been less than five years. Not talking about the fact that apart from Bitcoin and Litecoin. All of them didn’t survive at the top for even the two years after. Long term is a year and in a year you can make huge profits, companies literally multiply their value and usually way more than that.  It’s worth to know you are having a long-term, promising profit but it has to depend on some technology, some product, something! No just a vision.


I wish you the best.
Sincerely, Buza.






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