What does cryptocurrency need most right now?

I may not be Satoshi Nakamoto that’s for sure. I am just another person in this huge industry but I think a lot of people can agree with me and I want to get into the specific details.  There are some things that should get the main focus for a better future of the industry. We all strive for a high-quality technology to make everything easier to use and comfortable in order to approach a bigger audience, the final goal is to let every single person in the world access to the industry, to a valued money; that’s something important and that’s why cryptocurrency (Bitcoin specifically was made). Although the cryptocurrency technology and industry has a huge daily growth that we should really appreciate because a revolution popped out and we should get on the wave. If you are reading my blog I guess you are already on the wave.


So, what is actually cryptocurrency? The cryptocurrency we are talking about is a type of digital currencies but unlike other currencies, this one is using a decentralized control. What does that mean? Unlike USD which controlled by the government how much will be printed and by that controlling its value. Cryptocurrency usually has a maximum limit of supply and for example, Bitcoin has an organic growth pretty much like gold and there’s 21m max supply.
So we can agree no one is actually controlling the cryptocurrencies (most of them) and there’s a limit supply, even Satoshi Nakamoto has no control over Bitcoin. There will be 21,000,000 bitcoins and no one can do anything about it. All those millions of bitcoins decentralized all around the world and they are all relied on a decentralized blockchain that is running on many computers all around the world and making it updated every second.
So decentralization, that is something that should be appreciated; that is most important in my opinion. We, millions if not billions of people own the currency and not corporations, government or banks and that thing is priceless.


So that’s why I decided to write this article. We are talking about decentralization but there’s a problem that prevents us from a pure decentralization. What is it? Exchanges!
Only Bitfinex hold 1% of the Bitcoin’s supply which is way too much, instead of decentralization we see a centralization over here. By doing that we are giving too much power to the exchanges, if your money is stored in exchanges you practically own nothing, because no key is under your ownership and that’s a big problem. Big exchanges were hacked and a huge amount of money was stolen, things like that can happen all the time and that’s something the cryptocurrency should focus first, decentralized exchanges should be in the first priority in my opinion.

What is a decentralized exchange?

A decentralized exchange is an exchange market that does not rely on a third party service to hold the customer’s funds. Instead, trades occur directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process. This system can be achieved by creating proxy tokens (crypto assets that represent a certain fiat or crypto currency) or assets (that can represent shares in a company for example) or through a decentralized multi-signature escrow system, among other solutions that are currently being developed.

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The CEO of Binance, Zhao ChengPeng talks about his vision for the future of the cryptocurrency. I recommend you to watch this video, a lot of essential stuff. CZ mentioned interesting stuff, none of the current decentralized exchanges can survive such a big scale, enough to become a big exchange with millions of users. That’s a big issue, as I said ‘top priority’ in my opinion. Anyway, Zheo ChengPang already stated once there will be a proper candidate they will string to become a decentralized exchange which it’s perfect to know; the hope is that it won’t take too long.
So why not decentralized exchanges? Why is it not in the first priority? First of all, there’s not a proper blockchain enough according to CZ’s words and also it is not profitable enough for most of the exchanges unless you are a really big exchange which is still profitable but not like a centralized exchange.

Anyway, so my say is that big decentralized exchanges with proper pairs are missing. And every cryptocurrency holder should strive to hold his own keys even in exchanges (that’s what decentralized exchanges for) for a maximum safety because safety is above everything. For now, I suggest you hold your cryptocurrency in your own private keys, most recommended is Ledger Nano S but not the only alternative so you don’t have to pay for an alternative.
I’m wishing you and the cryptocurrency industry the best and we are all hoping for a better technology this year!

Sincerely, Buza.



How to get involved in the cryptocurrency community?

Hello, recently I saw people who have a lot of passion and just hungry for some knowledge. I guess, hunger and drive for success and knowledge is a healthy thing, I mean I fully support this. But sometimes the will isn’t enough and you need to know HOW. So today in order to get you deep into cryptocurrency first you need to be part of the community. You need to know the jokes, the demand and the biggest threats (aka fear) so we can agree you need to be one of them those cryptocurrency zombies (aka me). It’s all about getting involved and updated, cryptocurrency world is working a little bit different, today you are rich, tomorrow you are poor and so it is the opposite – correct?

You need to have at least twenty minutes a day for the cryptocurrency (if you are into this), although I spend at least two hours a day but because I really enjoy it and passionate about this so I guess that’s not for everyone. Now, you got those “twenty minutes” where do you spend them? I will keep it short and focused because I less care about the length of the content and more care how quick you acquire this knowledge so let’s begin.

There are plenty of websites but first, we will begin with the social media, I personally think that Facebook groups are most of the time a waste of time but it depends on the group and sometimes you can be a part of a high-quality community. The star of the platforms is Twitter so I believe a Twitter account is a must thing (follow me: twitter.com/cryptobuza) and then you need to follow essential accounts (unlike me) such as Charlie Lee, Charlie Shrem, CoinDesk, CZ and you other favorite highlight people (I personally like to follow exchanges or big investors).

After we covered the socials media, we will move into the other necessary websites I visit every single day.
Let’s go straight because I don’t want to get you bored.
/r/Cryptocurrency – the most populated sub-reddit about cryptocurrency, an active one with a lot of useful information that can be essential and one piece of information there can change your level or your luck.
bitcointalk.org – I don’t know why but this forum isn’t getting enough credit for what it is, such a great forum with so much knowledge and things that can help every single crypto enthusiast, so I highly recommending this (ignore the low-quality forum and blame Satoshi Nakamoto for this)
CoinDesk – I don’t know why this is where I like to read the news.

By the way, I also want to suggest you be involved in Telegram chat communities can be very helpful and entertaining, just join projects you believe or big projects you admire because it can be very helpful and great opportunities pop there so don’t miss this out.

So, don’t underrate this article because the lack of letters or pictures because eventually I gave you a gem just make it an expensive necklace (I’m talking about you naughty boy!) so I hope you produce the best from this short reading.

Sincerely, Buza.


What is my investment strategy?

What is my investment strategy? Unlike a lot of people, I follow some behaviour patterns.  Before investing I ask my self, what am I chasing? Like most of the people, I chase eventually money because that’s all the point of investments: a profit. So what does that mean? It means that I am not chasing anything that will conquer the world or will become the next Amazon or something like that. I am looking for something that will produce me the biggest profit. Therefore the top 100 coins/tokens (according to CoinMarketCap) are not an option for me at all, why? because even if it manages to get hundreds of millions (the top of them even billions) it will not bring me such a high percentage of profit. For example, if Bitcoin increase by 100 billion dollars (which is 1/5 of the current market cap) then it will not even double the profit (if I put 100 dollars I won’t have 200) even not close to this. But, if a small project such as Jetcoin which I find very promising, useful and influencing increase by 20 million dollars which is 1/25,000 of the market cap; the profit percentage will be 10x (if I put 100 dollars I will have 1,000 dollars). So that’s pretty much why I rather focus on small projects with a lot of potentials (not to conquer the world or worth billions, just to multiply themselves a couple of times). If you ask me, I would tell you to go for 2m ~ 10m market cap projects which I find the best range of investment. And that’s right, market cap doesn’t mean anything but when the market cap is 100bin then the volume is extremely high and the price is harder to be changed than projects with 2m market cap and less way volume which make the price easier to be changed and with the right choice for the positive way

Cryptocurrency Investment (by: flickr)

So now that we agreed to look after small projects only for higher profits. We are asking ourselves, what kind of small projects are we looking for? Let’s be honest, blockchain is a new technology although it exists for almost ten years there are not much of people who can make such a good coin on such a great blockchain which is all the point of a coin. Even the best coins have their own problems although they got a team of professional developers with a lot of knowledge, it is also about time to beat the previous technology so let’s say blockchain technology isn’t really an option for us. Which is completely fine given the fact that we got many other alternatives and the best one so far is the ERC20 tokens which mean easy tokens made relying on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain is the biggest blockchain, bigger than all the other blockchains together (for n0w) so they know what they are doing.
Thanks to Ethereum, nowadays you don’t need to know programming so good in order to make a successful project with a good working platform that can serve millions of people. Then, what are we looking for? We are looking for a unique idea of passionate hardworking team and a full detailed whitepaper so we know what they want and how they are planning to achieve this. It might sound complicated but it’s not.

 Bitcoin fall (by flickr)

Alright, that’s what we want: low market cap, ERC-20 tokens, a clear detailed vision with a hardworking team.
So what are we doing now? Sometimes, most of the tokens will not be listed on known exchanges such as Binance or Bittrex but it’s completely fine because you have to catch the big before it becomes big. So, not comfortably you deposit into small exchanges or less comfortable exchanges such as (OKEx, HitBTC, Livecoin and etc.)
After you got X amount of those tokens you withdraw them to your wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, the most known ones are MyEtherWallet (highly recommended), Ledger Nano S, Trezor and etc.

And from that moment, you keep following the project through the social media such as Telegram (highly recommended), Twitter, Reddit and etc. If you feel like you can help the project by spreading out the world out, don’t be shy; one useful post on reddit (/r/Cryptocurrency) can expose the project to a huge audience and have a huge effect. So eventually all you need is some patience and you will have your safe, organic profit growth while focusing on other things. Finally, I want to share with you some tips I believe are useful for any strategy investment you chose.

Investment tips:
• Less actions (withdraw, deposit,  trade..) are better.
• Buy RED sell GREEN.
• Patience is they key
• Make your own extensive research (read whitepaper, check social medias, google it, ask people, ask on telegram..)
• Know your plans infront, you need to know what is your goal (when you want to go in and out), risky or safe.
• Don’t worry about getting into small exchanges but always HOLD in your wallet, exchanges are never safe.
• Don’t chase the big ONES they are already big.
• If you are in rush to buy something before it moons then don’t because it probably will go down, and you never need to feel rush to invest into anything.
• Value your profit according to BTC & ETC’s rate.
• Avoid daily trading, it is rarely to profit like that (especially in the cryptocurrency). You are not different!
• Don’t buy all at once, try to buy at some parts to make sure you buy at the best price you can. (25%, 25%, 25%, 25%)


SportyCo – the decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem.

SportyCo is a decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem.
We will introduce a brand new industry of sports crowd micro-financing while providing athletes, clubs and sports organizations with macro-funding on their respective end.

SportyCo will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based financing platform.

For the few past months, I was looking for my little project; I used to tell myself to chase after the gem.
Profit was my first priority, I was looking for something that will give me above one thousand percent in the long term (it is possible in the crypto market),But it was not my demand, I had to be something I believe in and find attractive; something I can talk about and share with the crypto community, something valuable and not just pricey.
After a short research, I found SportyCo (back then it was called SportyFi. it was rebranded due to similarity to other brands). After a really short period of time, I invested in SportyCo but at the same moment, I didn’t realize what I am holding.

Over time, SportyCo got better. The team proved themselves to be a strong passionate team that is chasing success. It’s hard to find such determined people nowadays and I’m glad I did. Right away SportyCo got listed on popular exchanges such as OKEx, KuCoin, HitBTC, Livecoin, and ChaoEX. In addition, SportyCo got supported by many famous personalities with big influence such as Roberto Carlos RC3, Ronaldinho, Charlie Shrem and many more.
Eventually, I was surprised to discover that even RCD Espanyol was sponsored by SpotryCo, yes the same team who played against FC Barcelona with millions of viewers all over the world watching them with the SportyCo’s logo.


SportyCo started as a small project, just another ICO and became, in my opinion, an actual change in the blockchain influence on the real world including millions if not billions of people. Nowadays there are bunch people standing behind SportyCo, a hardworking team, many supporters and advisors to bring SportyCo to its peak in the future.
SportyCo is about to change the current monopoly of the big corporations on the financial sports.

FOR ATHLETES: SportyCo will remove financial barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, serving athletes, clubs and other sports organizations, in raising the funds required to achieve – success.

FOR INVESTORS: SportyCo will enable a wider community to invest in sport, an industry worth USD 620 billion with constant growth. By disrupting the existing model for financing participants in a sport, SportyCo will open a new chapter in the sports industry, democratizing sports investment.

In conclusion, if you are here for a change in the blockchain world or you want to make a profit, SportyCo is your answer. I have no doubt that SportyCo will rise and shine and multiply their value substantially because they are giving way more than any other coin out there, which is incredible and undervalued. I believe they just need to get noticed and they will get their boost to the fame and popularity.

Read their whitepaper: https://sportyco.io/SPORTYFI-Whitepaper.pdf

(This post IS NOT sponsored and was written due to my own mindset and believes)

Sincerely, Buza.




Viewly – a decentralized video platform.

Enjoy videos without ads. Engage with your favourite creators. Support awesome work.
If you are looking for something more profitable, something that will bring some excitement and passion to your life I think I found the answer for you which is Viewly!

Viewly isn’t the enemy for youtube, Viewly is the solution for youtube!
Unlike other competitors, you have the future to use Viewly on youtube since it will also be built on youtube platform itself. It is one of the many amazing solutions that blockchain actually bring. As a crypto enthusiast, I find it incredible and claps. I may be honest with a close acquaintance I am a big fan of the team which bring a lot of updates and consistency which I actually admire.

I would honestly suggest you join their exciting telegram chat with many unique aspects.
Also, it’s a MUST reading their whitepaper, such a full detailed document that answer a lot of questions.
In conclusion, I think Viewly is bringing a necessary solution for a huge problem in our internet world and we don’t need to wait so much just to support and help to push it up in order to get the results we are so waiting for.

Their alpha version: http://alpha.view.ly/
Their whitepaper: https://view.ly/downloads/whitepaper.pdf

Sincerely, Buza.