CoinMarketCap 15th March Snapshot

Cryptocurrency is like a child, eventually no matter what will grow up and become big and bigger every year.
Although when you become big enough some things you don’t like come along either such as body hair, so yea those are the symptoms can’t be avoided. By a brief examination, I found out through the CoinMarketCap that some coins proved themselves and survived all those years and became way bigger than what they were. Although top-ranked coins just fell off and didn’t progress at all, for ex. 2014 (Peercoin, Omni, QRX and PTS). It just proves that top-ranked coins and tokens don’t mean anything, and if something is highly rated now it doesn’t mean it will survive for more than two years.

Carefully choose your investment and make sure it will last and will not anywhere down. Because the history teaches us more than anything, for example when Bitcoin reached $1,000 and fell down to $200 but now it’s almost 10k.
Ups and downs will always come but the only thing that matters is what it will be in the long term, at the end.
Because you probably say “I wish I knew Bitcoin by 2009” to purchase it so low, but honestly I can bet none of you would last till 20k because those highs and dips are taking you crazy if you are here for the profit. Most of the Bitcoin millionaires just because they were focusing the technology or they just forgot they hold so many. You need to ignore the panic, the news, no matters what. Strong HODLs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple will eventually reach the moon with their own spaceship. All you need to do is HODL no matter even if Vitalik die or any worst news you can ever imagine because those top projects do have the technology and it’s all about mass adoption till they will reach ATHs.

Now, as a proof. I want to leave a snapshot of 15th March and show you how the crypto markets. I am really optimistic and believe that they crypto market will surpass 1 trillion market cap and even 10 trillion market cap and once globalisation even 100 trillion because this is our true economy. If this decentralization is real or not eventually everyone will want to take part of this and believe they control their own money and wealth. So Illuminati is doing a great job so far, say chess.


Sincerely, Buza.



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